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Income Protection Insurance

Long-term income protection is an insurance policy that pays out if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness. Income Protection usually pays out until retirement, death or your return to work.


Income Protection doesn’t usually pay out if you’re made redundant, but will often provide ‘back to work’ help if you’re off sick.


Income Protection hands you a tax-free percentage of your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. How you spend the money is up to you.




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Town & Country Mortgages were brilliant!! Having visited other mortgage brokers beforehand - everything was made much clearer to us by Town & Country  Mortgages.  Issues were dealt with quickly and concisely and every attempt made to accommodate work schedules we had. We would definitely recommend Town & Country Mortgages to anyone looking to buy a new property or re-mortgage.

Mr Rawlings July 21, 2017