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With an offset mortgage you have the ability to offset your savings or bank account against your mortgage. In principle if you have £20,000 in savings and a £120,000 mortgages you will only pay interest on £100,000.


There are many advantages to an offset mortgage such as tax efficiency and the ability to overpay and underpay.





  • Your savings are more tax efficient. Because you pay no tax on your savings, essentially you pay no tax on your mortgage.
  • You can reduce your mortgage quicker by overpaying.
  • You can track your mortgage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.




  • You will need to keep track of your mortgage on a regular basis.
  • The interest rate on the mortgage may be higher than other types of mortgage, so if you have limited savings, then you’re not ‘offsetting’ your mortgage, so you could be worse off.


Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


For mortgages we are paid NO FEE. We will be paid commission by the lender.




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We strive to ask all our customers to provide feedback and below are extracts from questionnaires completed by our customers in 2014.

Additional to the already positive feedback given to your service and staff, I feel it worth mentioning it is due to the way in which Town & Country and in particular Oliver conducted themselves on my previous first house purchase as to why I used your services again.  I will be quick to recommend your services to anyone I know for mortgage advice and would definitely look to yourselves for any advice I require in the future.  Many thanks.

Mr McPherson July 21, 2017